Today, information technology has an impact on all areas of the financial sector and especially payment transactions. For many of our clients, digitalised business processes are part of everyday life:

  • The “Financial Cloud” promises to make many things better and cheaper – but some things also become more complex as a result.
  • Agile processes in IT have many advantages, but are not easy to handle from a legal perspective.
  • Regulatory authorities are setting more and more specifications for the IT of institutions. This also affects the institutions’ contractual partners and service providers.
  • Open source software is used practically everywhere – and the risks involved are often underestimated.

We know the challenges of the industry and have a deep understanding of the industry and technology. We focus on commercially reasonable, pragmatic solutions because a complex, tailor-made contract is not always the most economical solution.

We find the right contract model for our clients and support them in all kinds of IT projects.

We also have extensive expertise in supporting programs for the legally compliant use of commercial and open source software. We also protect our clients’ interests in the event of a dispute with the service provider or the customer.