Payment services law

We advise our clients on all issues pertaining to payment services law. They are active in all areas involved in payment transactions (in particular banks, payment institutions, e-money institutions, FinTechs, telecommunications companies, retailers, intra-group payment factories, processors and other technical service providers, industrial companies, marketplaces, loyalty systems, central regulators).

We particularly specialise in advising on the following areas in payment services law:

  • Drafting of issuing and acquiring contracts
  • Contractual implementation of factoring products (e.g. purchase on account, instalment purchase, secured direct debit)
  • Drafting of standard contracts and general terms and conditions (GTC)
  • License Lending (especially Banking as a Service and BIN Sponsoring)
  • Cooperation in payment transactions (e.g. co-branding, cooperation between FinTechs and established market participants)
  • Outsourcing of payment transaction activities (e.g. technical service providers, money laundering officers, internal audit)
  • Design of voucher card, customer card and loyalty systems