Setting the right tone in the world of law – Annerton

New law firm established for banking, financial services and the digital economy

Munich, 1 January 2020 – On 1 January 2020, independent law firm Annerton Rechtsanwaltsgesellschaft mbH started its operations. It specialises in banking, financial services and the digital economy. Under the new brand name Annerton the founders have created an international law firm with a clearly-defined focus. Annerton has offices in three locations, namely Berlin, Luxembourg and Munich and advises established international companies as well as medium-sized enterprises and start-ups.

The new law firm was created from the “Banking and Finance” practise group of a German business law firm. With its 14 lawyers, one tax adviser and a further 15 team members, Annerton combines many years of experience with a high degree of professionalism and competence in implementation. The founding partners are Peter Frey, Dr. Susanne Grohé, Charles Krier (Luxembourg), Frank Müller, LL.M, Dr. Steffen Rapp, Dr. Matthäus Schindele, Udo Steger and Christian Walz.

“The transition to the digital age and the establishment of new technologies require a reliable framework, looking at things with a fresh perspective in the legal sector,” states Annerton partner and managing director Frank Müller when asked about the motivation for establishing the new law firm. “We at Annerton are convinced that we are able to advise our clients in a more focussed way as an independent and specialised law firm. At the same time, we also see great potential for growth for our law firm. We aim to realise this as much as possible together with our clients,” says Müller. “Together with our teams in Berlin and Munich as well as Annerton S.A. in Luxembourg, we believe we are very well placed for the challenging business our clients are involved in and are also one of the largest practise groups in this area”, adds Dr. Susanne Grohé.

The name Annerton is a composition of the terms “anner” and “ton”. The word ‘Anner’ originates from the low German dialect and means “different” or “another kind”. The English word “another” is also a derivation of this word. In connection with “ton(e)”, “Annerton” conveys the sense of “another tone” or “another view”. This reflects Annerton’s core business – financial services and the digital economy and the new and different challenges for legal advice that go along with this – and describes the philosophy of a modern law firm to think outside the box and to not be afraid of approaching things differently.

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